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Protecting Healthcare workers from COVID-19

Through four case studies in Lebanon, Jordan, Kenya, and Ethiopia, the project will demonstrate the value of local knowledge ecosystems in promoting a more nuanced and localized understanding of how refugees, host communities, states, and development actors in the Global South can deal more effectively with the challenge of forced displacement. It will assess the conditions under which such ecosystems can achieve their potential of producing localized evidence to influence the discourse on forced displacement. It will also examine how these ecosystems can impact policy processes and practice within the local community and international fora, and how governments and civil society can develop strategic responses based on identified needs drawn from affected populations.

Project ID
Project Status
12 months
IDRC Officer
David O'Brien
Total Funding
CA$ 410,256.00
South Africa
Education and Science
Education and Science
Foundations for Innovation
Institution Country
Project Leader
Annalee Yassi
The University of British Columbia