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Think tank capacity building and policy impact (before and after 2020 election)

IDRC and Global Affairs Canada launched the Knowledge for Democracy Myanmar (K4DM) initiative to nurture meaningful dialogue and engagement during the country’s transition to democratic development. Working with other development partners, the initiative targets diverse and complementary entry points to strengthen analytical thinking and research capacity by developing the capacity of individuals, including researchers, civil society, and policymakers; promoting engagement and collaboration through roundtables, conferences, and workshops; developing institutional capacity by providing support for think tanks and networks; and funding research projects on inclusive democratic governance and economic development.

This project supports capacity development as an extension to K4DM’s on-going training, mentorship, and core funding support to think tanks in Myanmar. Informed by learning from the K4DM mid-term evaluation, the project will increase local presence and policy engagement. It will support continued training and mentorship for an additional year (until mid-2021), with more frequent interactions supported by both greater local presence and remote connectivity. The project also provides training and funding for small-scale ideas to find practical solutions to key policy issues, such as responses to the COVID-19 crisis. Well-established and emerging think tanks will pair up to implement these ideas, reinforce training, and create synergies for peer learning within the expanding community of think tanks during the critical period surrounding the 2020 Myanmar elections.

Identificador del Proyecto
Estado de Proyecto
Fecha de finalización
15 months
Funcionario del IDRC
Edgard Rodriguez
Total del financiamiento
CA$ 503,700.00
Knowledge for Democracy Myanmar
País de la Institución
United Kingdom
Líder del proyecto
William Paxton
Kivu International Ltd