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CDKN knowledge accelerator for climate compatible development

As efforts are made to put climate compatible development into policy and practice, there is a growing demand for climate information and knowledge. However, given challenges related to the volume, quality, and relevance of climate information, it is difficult for decision-makers to apply it meaningfully. To respond to this challenge, this knowledge accelerator for climate compatible development project will focus on strengthening and expanding the Climate and Development Knowledge Network’s (CDKN) fundamental role as a global knowledge broker.

This project aims to create an enabling environment for implementation and scaling climate and development actions. To achieve this long-term vision for impact, the knowledge accelerator project will increase the accessibility and relevance of existing knowledge on climate and development; maximize the uptake, use, and collective impact of this knowledge; and enhance leadership and collaboration on implementation by assisting actors to become influential champions of the different areas of climate action. Climate finance, cities and infrastructure, migration, agriculture, and a range of other issues will be included in the scope of the project. Gender and equity issues will be reflected across all of these themes.

The project’s goals will be pursued through three areas of work: demand-led synthesis of climate adaptation and mitigation knowledge for national and international policy and practice leaders in the Global South; targeted and sustained in-country engagement in at least nine developing countries; and peer learning that enables climate leaders across Africa, Asia, and Latin America and the Caribbean to share innovative approaches for tackling climate related challenges in their countries.

The knowledge accelerator builds upon ongoing CDKN and other climate change programs active in 45 countries that comprise the “knowledge basis” of this project. The project connects these different initiatives, supports the application of their knowledge, provides sustainability of their results, and generates linkages to emerging initiatives.

This project is supported by a three-year funding partnership between IDRC and the Directorate General for International Co-operation, Netherlands.

Project ID
Project Status
31 months
IDRC Officer
Georgina Kemp
Total Funding
CA$ 10,006,800.00
South America
South Asia
Climate-Resilient Food Systems
Climate and Development Knowledge Network
Institution Country
South Africa
Project Leader
Shehnaaz Moosa
SouthSouthNorth Projects (Africa) NPC


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