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Shiv Nadar University – Program on Water Science and Policy

India faces a multi-dimensional water crisis with ever-increasing demands on water posed by agriculture, rapid urbanization, and industrialization. This project responds directly to a call from the Prime Minister of India to improve the quality of water education in the country and to expand the pool of qualified professionals needed to manage the significant challenges of urgently reforming India’s water sector.

This project will seek to address the challenges around incorporating the essential multi-disciplinary character of water and the policy requirements of the sector, especially in the context of the far-reaching reforms required. It will support the efforts of Shiv Nadar University, which designed a new multi-disciplinary postgraduate water science and policy program. By training MSc students and mid-career civil servants in water science and policy, the project aims to increase the number and capacity of professionals with a multi-dimensional perspective on water, and to enable them to guide the development of policies, programs, and solutions to the growing water crisis in India and around the world. The teaching program will be supplemented by a rigorous research program designed to understand and find solutions for the most pressing problems in the areas of water science and policy.

Project ID
Project Status
36 months
IDRC Officer
Marco Rondon
Total Funding
CA$ 550,000.00
Climate-Resilient Food Systems
Institution Country
Project Leader
Ajay Dandekar
[Trustees of] Shiv Nadar Foundation