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Enhancing Opportunities for Vulnerable Youth: Hearing their Voices to Inform Policies

This project will address the challenge of youth unemployment in Latin America. Its goal is to inform and guide the development of innovative public and private sector interventions in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Uruguay. Youth unemployment and poverty ongoing A decade of continuous growth and social investment in Latin America has reduced poverty and increased labour market opportunities. However, young people are still waiting to see the benefits of growth. They have higher educational levels, but the employment outlook remains low. Two out of every three young workers are employed in precarious jobs. More than 20 million youth (one in five) are referred to as NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training). Poor groups and women are especially affected. In Mexico, where two in every five youth are NEET, 80% are women. Growth rates in the region have declined since 2011. This may jeopardize the past decade's social gains and increase the challenges that young people face. Employment policies lack effectiveness Governments have introduced policies to respond to the challenges, but in most cases, they have been not effective in reaching marginalized youth. Public and private sector actors are looking for new approaches to tackle the region's youth employment challenges. This has led to a demand for evidence on effective approaches for specific contexts. To achieve this objective, researchers and policymakers need an in-depth understanding of youth priorities and the solutions they envision to address the problem. What do NEET youth value? What are their motivations and aspirations? Evidence to shape decision-making This project will help find answers to these questions to inform appropriate policy responses. The project team will collect data, diagnose the problem, and analyze policy effectiveness to guide the development of innovative public and private sector interventions. The goal is to identify solutions that address NEET youth motivations and aspirations, while generating jobs. Espacio Pu¿blico in Chile will act as the project's coordinating institution. They will collaborate with researchers from Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and Uruguay.

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28 months
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Carolina Robino
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CA$ 1,041,000.00
South America
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Employment and Growth
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Eleonora Nun
Espacio Público