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Communicating Science for Impact: Radio for Reaching Farmers with Research Results (CultiAF)

Radio is an effective medium to deliver information that will influence small-scale farmers in sub-Saharan Africa to adopt agricultural technologies. This project will use radio campaigns to speed up the delivery and adoption of promising agriculture and food security innovations from two projects: insects for fish, and poultry feed and pre-cooked beans for food and income. Radio to share results The project will translate research results into simple radio campaign messages targeting small-scale farmers. Researchers will test the effectiveness of interactive radio programs and mobile phones in communicating and sharing research results and products. They will also identify ways to scale up the use of the most promising results. The project will reach more than 650,000 listeners with information and research products that people can use. A target of 80,000 of the total listeners are expected to act on the radio campaign's knowledge and innovations to improve production, marketing, consumption, and income. The project will assess the effect of radio campaigns in influencing adoption decisions among listeners. Farm Radio International will implement the project in selected areas of Uganda and Kenya. It will develop new resources and toolkits for broadcasters, then distribute them to more than 570 radio stations across Africa. The project is funded through the Cultivate Africa's Future Fund (CultiAF), a joint program of the Australian International Food Security Research Centre of the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research and IDRC. CultiAF supports research to achieve long-term food security in Eastern and Southern Africa.

Project ID
Project Status
End Date
24 months
IDRC Officer
crmadm CRM
Total Funding
CA$ 543,005.00
Agriculture and Food Security
Cultivate Africa's Future
Institution Country
Project Leader
Mr. Kevin Perkins
Farm Radio International/Radios Rurales Internationales