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The changing face of philanthropy in India

Nirojan Kulendrarajah
Research Awards

Philanthropy is on the rise in India and is predicted to keep on growing. New wealth is also changing the face of charitable giving and gaining public attention. As a result, the number of philanthropy advisors is also growing.

The relationship between these advisors and those who seek their help is not well understood, however, says 2015 Research Award recipient Nirojan Kulendrarajah. His research in Mumbai on challenges and opportunities for partnership and philanthropy demonstrated that “the ‘games’ or interactions between those who want to inform/advise and those who need/want to be advised are more complex and two-sided than we think.”

Fieldwork in India, a country Kulendrarajah had never visited, was both challenging and memorable. “It reaffirmed my passion for research,” he says, as did “being around research-minded colleagues, especially my other awardee colleagues.”

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