Partners and initiatives

There are no borders when it comes to issues like climate change, infectious disease, poverty, and instability. In today’s world, the challenges facing developing countries affect us all. Meeting these challenges calls for a global response that mobilizes research partners everywhere. When we pool our efforts, we generate powerful ideas, multiply resources, increase impact, and strengthen local capacity.

For more than 40 years, IDRC has actively developed and nurtured the funding partnerships that give developing-country researchers, organizations, and policymakers the tools and resources they need to build knowledge and innovate. Every year, we manage more than 800 research projects with 600 institutions, and grant about 200 individual awards.

Through this collaboration, researchers are controlling re-emerging infectious diseases, such as SARS and dengue, and testing an effective Ebola vaccine. They are also helping local communities adapt to climate change and continue to thrive.

And we can do more. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals call for revitalizing global partnerships – a key element in IDRC’s Strategic Plan 2015–2020.

Today, we are broadening our growing partnership base and brokering new relationships with the private sector, philanthropic organizations, and public funding institutions such as granting councils and aid agencies in the developing world. Our goal is to be a partner of choice, working with organizations from all sectors, to improve lives and livelihoods in developing countries.

Our Initiatives

Search our initiatives to see the many ways we partner to increase our impact.

The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) provides rigorous mathematics training to post-graduate African students. AIMS launched the Next Einstein Initiative in 2008 to build a critical mass of scientific and technical talent in Africa, capable of driving progress across the continent...
A research partnership to help African youth develop soft skills and learn on the job.
The Canadian International Food Security Research Fund focuses on applied research projects that can significantly affect agriculture and nutrition in developing countries. The program supports partnerships between Canadian and developing-country research organizations working to create linkages...
Housed at IDRC, the Centre of Excellence is a global resource hub that actively supports national efforts to develop, strengthen, and scale up sustainable civil registration and vital statistics (CRVS) systems that work for all, especially women and girls.
The Collaborative Adaptation Research Initiative for Africa and Asia aims to build the resilience of vulnerable populations and their livelihoods in three hot spots (semi-arid regions, deltas, and glacier and snow-pack dependent river basins) by supporting collaborative research to inform...
IDRC and ACIAR partnership focuses on improving food security, resilience, and gender equality across Eastern and Southern Africa.
Women around the world increasingly participate in economic activities, but they continue to face significant challenges in pursuing better paid, productive jobs, and in accumulating assets.
A multi-funder program to advance gender equality in the world of work.
The Information and Networks in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa program focuses on producing and sharing credible, high-quality evidence on the influence of digital initiatives in governance, science, learning, and entrepreneurship.
The Innovating for Maternal and Child Health in Africa program seeks to improve maternal, newborn, and child health outcomes by strengthening health systems to become more equitable, using primary health care as an entry point. These investments in scientific breakthroughs will improve the health...