Nakyanzi Lewokadiya removes a product from a shelf in her shop at a gold mining site in central Uganda. The business is co-owned by her husband,who works at the mine.

Inclusive Economies

The world needs more robust development and more effective policies that can reach the people who consistently lack opportunities to fulfill their needs.

IDRC’s Inclusive Economies program area supports knowledge, innovation, and solutions that help build more prosperous, just, and resilient societies. Support for research in sectors such as health, economics, labour, governance, and law generates evidence for equality and diversity, access to basic rights and services, and democratic solutions to development challenges.

The Inclusive Economies program area seeks to:

  • enhance the employment and economic opportunities of vulnerable groups, particularly women and youth;
  • foster better and more inclusive governance and justice systems so that everyone can lead more secure and prosperous lives;
  • promote the quality and accountability of health services for the most vulnerable through solutions that save and improve the health of women, adolescents, and children;
  • strengthen think tanks in Latin America, Africa and South Asia to provide objective, high-quality research that both informs and influences policy.



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For more than 40 years, IDRC has actively developed and nurtured the funding partnerships that give developing-country researchers, organizations, and policymakers the tools and resources they need to build knowledge and innovate.