fishing boat in Kenya and Somalia

Agriculture and Environment

There is a clear need for development research addressing the critical threats to health and well-being faced by vulnerable people worldwide.

IDRC’s Agriculture and Environment program area develops, scales up, and delivers innovative, evidence-based, gender-sensitive solutions to improve the lives of millions of people—particularly women and children—throughout the Global South. It invests in research to improve agricultural productivity, food security, and public health; reduce the burden of malnutrition and both chronic and infectious disease; and help communities become more resilient and better adapt to climate change.

The Agriculture and Environment program area seeks to:

  • ensure sustainable agricultural production that enhances food, nutrition, and income security by empowering small-scale farmers and advancing gender equality;
  • help communities worldwide better prepare for extreme weather events, become more resilient to climate change, and develop the right adaptation tools; and
  • reduce the burden of non-communicable disease and fight infectious diseases to improve population health, especially in Low- and Middle-Income Countries.



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