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Senegalese NGO renews commitment to research excellence

April 28, 2016

IED Afrique (Innovation, Environnement, Développement Afrique) is an independent non-profit organization based in Senegal, with more than 15 years of experience addressing sustainable development and civil society issues in Francophone West Africa. In 2005, it took over, and continues to build on, the Sahel program created in 1993 by the International Institute for Environment and Development.  

Through its participation in IDRC’s Resource Mobilization for Research (RMR) project, IED Afrique reviewed and renewed its strategic direction in 2012-13.The organization addressed key priorities of revenue diversification and long-term planning through an internship program and staff training, and increased its visibility among donors and partners. These measures helped IED Afrique develop a number of successful research proposals and recapture its position as a leading knowledge platform on environmental issues in West Africa. 

Read the story of change, A Story of Renewal: Innovation, Environnement, Développement Afrique (PDF, 165 KB, in French only)

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