CultiAF builds on successes and launches new innovations

June 12, 2019
 The crowd watches as seeds are distributed from successful,local production to farmers
IDRC / Nichole Sobecki

CultiAF aims to scale up successes from the partnership’s first phase and develop new climate-resilient and gender-responsive innovations for smallholder farmers.

The first phase of CultiAF supported eight projects in Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe, that developed and tested 24 innovations.

CultiAF’s second phase is supporting nine projects in Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe that focus on four key priorities:

  • improving productivity and incomes and reducing post-harvest losses;
  • advancing gender equality;
  • linking agriculture, nutrition, and human health; and
  • climate change and sustainable water management.
Improving productivity and incomes and reducing post-harvest losses




Linking agriculture, nutrition, and human health




Climate change and sustainable water management