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Uptake of climate change adaptation research results in Africa

This project is part of the Climate and Resilience (CLARE) partnership co-funded by IDRC and the UK’s Department for International Development. It is among a group of projects selected for further uptake and scaling of results realized under research programs that are recently closed or near to closing. It integrates results from the Collaborative Adaptation Research Initiative in Africa and Asia (CARIAA) by supporting three initiatives with strong potential for further uptake of research results to achieve greater impact.

The first initiative seeks to raise local awareness of the anticipated climate impacts of 1.5˚C to 2˚C warming in Namibia, enhance multi-stakeholder collaboration to upscale climate action, and support three communities to increase their agency and ability to work collectively toward climate action. The second initiative will engage stakeholders in six municipalities to refine local development plans to align with Senegal's 2035 vision and advance climate-resilient economic development in Senegal’s semi-arid region. The third is to co-develop a locally appropriate strategy for the sustainable use and governance of runoff water for supplemental irrigation collected in catchment basins constructed in Mali, with the aim of safeguarding agricultural production and food security in the context of climate change.

The work will build on established relationships among researchers based in Africa, Europe, and the United States and with key stakeholders and policy actors. Expected results include the development of local plans and strategies for increased climate resilience; enhanced knowledge, capacity, and leadership for climate action; contributions to knowledge through peer-reviewed publications and policy-oriented outputs; and contributions to practice through strategic engagement and research-into-use activities. It is also expected to strengthen collaboration among the network of researchers previously engaged in CARIAA. As part of the CLARE partnership, researchers will participate in a mid-term learning review in late 2020 to reflect on their efforts to achieve scaling and research uptake.

Project ID
Project Status
16 months
IDRC Officer
Heidi Braun
Total Funding
CA$ 745,200.00
South of Sahara
Climate-Resilient Food Systems
Climate Adaptation and Resilience
Institution Country
Project Leader
Bernadette Shalumbu
Desert Research Foundation of Namibia
Institution Country
Project Leader
Mamadou Fall
Innovations, Environnement et Développement en Afrique
Institution Country
United States
Project Leader
Mary Thompson-Hall
START International, Inc.



Uptake of climate change adaptation research results in Africa : resilience for supplemental irrigation in Mali