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Strengthening capacities for food systems analysis and diagnostics for national planning in Kenya, Ghana, and Senegal

This project aims to strength individual and institutional capacities in selected African countries to analyze and transform food systems to deliver food security, nutrition, food safety, and human and environmental health in a gender-equitable manner. Because food connects various development objectives, this capacity is fundamental to understanding and transforming food systems so that they are equitable, provide jobs and opportunities for populations including women and youth, and deliver healthy and nutritious diets.

The project works with policy think tanks and various sets of actors from government and business to complement the Food Systems Transformative Integrated Policy Initiative, co-funded by IDRC and the Rockefeller Foundation. It adds value in several ways. It will provide in-depth diagnostics of food systems, including using trade-off analysis. It will use new and existing tools to develop investment priorities for each country and the potential impacts of these investments on livelihoods, growth (including job creation), nutrition, gender equality, and environmental benefits. It will also strengthen long-term capacity in countries through working with local think tanks and policy researchers to ensure they have the tools and capacities for food systems analysis, investment prioritization, and development of national and sub-national food transformation plans. Finally, it will link different policies and indicators at the national level, including those from climate, agriculture, gender, nutrition, health, and fisheries.

Key components of the project will include: selection of appropriate existing and new tools for food systems analysis; building a network and strengthening capacity of food systems champions across countries to analyze food systems, including trade-offs; development of country reports and briefs on the status of food systems for each country, identifying priority entry points for interventions; action plans for food systems transformation at national and sub-national levels; and plans for implementation of selected innovations for food systems transformation.

Project ID
Project Status
30 months
IDRC Officer
Renaud De Plaen
Total Funding
CA$ 1,052,700.00
Climate-Resilient Food Systems
Climate-Resilient Food Systems
Institution Country
United States
International Food Policy Research Institute/Institut international de recherche sur les politiques alimentaires/Instituto Internacional de Investigaciones sobre Politicas Alimentarias