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Shaping the macro-economy in response to COVID-19: a responsible economic stimulus, a stable financial sector, and a revival in exports

This project aims to contribute to the knowledge on macroeconomic policies that are key for responses to the COVID-19 pandemic in low-income countries. The impacts of the pandemic on the economies of these countries is significant, contributing to growing poverty and hunger. There is an urgent need for credible data, analysis, and advice for the economic policies and the fiscal and monetary measures required to mitigate the impacts and promote an inclusive and sustainable recovery.

The project will be led by the Overseas Development Institute in the UK, in collaboration with think tanks in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Tanzania, and Peru, and the network Southern Voice. This partnership will develop credible evidence that can support national and international policies in response to the pandemic, focusing on macroeconomic performance, growth scenarios, and macroeconomic policy options, with a focus on gender equality and climate change outcomes.

Project ID
Project Status
16 months
IDRC Officer
Bouba Housseini
Total Funding
CA$ 467,400.00
Sri Lanka
Governance and Justice
Sustainable Inclusive Economies
Institution Country
United Kingdom
Project Leader
Dirk Willem te Velde
Overseas Development Institute