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Measuring the availability of data for development through the Global Data Barometer

Digitized, interoperable, and machine-readable public data is becoming an essential resource for tackling global development challenges, enabling collaboration, driving technological innovation, and improving government accountability. At the same time, the increasing availability of data is creating new risks to people, notably to their privacy and other human rights. What is more, much of the world’s public data is not available — the Open Data Barometer’s 2017 edition estimated that just 10% of core data public sets were publicly available worldwide to foster social and economic benefits, innovation, and public accountability and transparency.

This project will support the first Global Data Barometer, a comparative global index that aims to provide actionable insights on data governance, capabilities for data use, the availability of key datasets, and data use and impacts in 105 countries worldwide. The design of the Global Data Barometer will build on five editions of the influential Open Data Barometer study, but will take a broader look at differing approaches to data sharing and use, including providing additional attention to key issues of privacy, gender, and inclusion, data literacy and infrastructure, as well as policies and data use related to emerging artificial intelligence technologies.

The project team will conduct primary research through a country-level expert survey, combined with carefully selected secondary data. The Global Data Barometer will provide data as a time series compatible with the past studies to respond to ongoing governmental demand for benchmarks to inform and monitor data policies. The study will also provide open quantitative and qualitative data to drive future independent research on the state of the data revolution and data for development. The team will explore new partnerships and sustainability models for the development of a biannual global index tracking the data revolution.

This project builds on the Open Data for Development (OD4D) program, a global network using data to promote social good. OD4D is supported by IDRC, Global Affairs Canada, and The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

Project ID
Project Status
End Date
18 months
IDRC Officer
Fernando Perini
Total Funding
CA$ 646,100.00
Open Data for Development
Institution Country
Project Leader
Silvana Fumega
Iniciativa Latinoamericana por los Datos Abiertos
Institution Country
Project Leader
Tim Davies
Iniciativa Latinoamericana por los Datos Abiertos



Measuring the availability of data for development through the global data barometer