Growth and Women: Pathways for Shared Prosperity

This project aims to develop policy guidelines and training material on how to promote women's well-being and economic growth. The project team will review the literature on how women's economic empowerment and economic growth interact. Working women, positive outcomes The team's findings will be useful for policymakers to understand the contexts in which interventions to support women's empowerment can lead to growth. The project will also generate new evidence on how growth and structural change can influence women's employment and economic outcomes, and how policies can support positive outcomes. The research team will -study the relationship between economic growth and women's economic empowerment to improve policy development in low-income countries -generate new evidence and identify research gaps on how women's economic empowerment interventions foster economic growth -examine how to amplify the effect of growth on women's economic outcomes -provide new evidence to improve policies that target growth while improving women's economic outcomes Growth and Economic Opportunities for Women This research is supported under the Growth and Economic Opportunities for Women (GrOW) program. GrOW is a five-year, multi-funder partnership of the United Kingdom's Department for International Development, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, and IDRC. With a focus on low-income countries in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, GrOW aims to support policies and interventions that improve women's livelihoods and contribute to societal well-being. One component of the program will support 11 projects addressing barriers to women's economic empowerment and gender gaps in earnings and productivity. GrOW will also support a cluster of four projects looking at the intersection of economic growth and women's economic empowerment. This project is among them, selected through a global competitive call.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015


24 months

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Madiha Ahmed

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CA$ 2,255,300


Middle East, North of Sahara, South of Sahara, Central Asia, Far East Asia, South Asia, North and Central America, South America, United Kingdom, Germany


Growth and Economic Opportunities for Women

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Stephan Klasen


Georg-August-University Göttingen Public Law Foundation

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