International Open Data Conference 2018

September 18, 2018

The future is open at IODC 2018.

Shareable data is key to driving social innovation and tracking progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals. This month in Buenos Aires, open data producers, users, and innovators will convene for one week to explore the ways open data can drive social change, innovation, and development. 

The International Open Data Conference (IODC) is the leading conference for Southern and Northern open data communities. IDRC is proud to co-host the fifth edition, IODC 2018, along with the Government of Argentina, the World Bank, and the Open Data for Development network.  

This year’s theme, “The Future is Open”, will explore how open data is driving development and change across a broad range of topics and issues, including the role of open data and anticorruption, government infrastructure, agriculture, gender, climate change, artificial intelligence, education, smart cities, journalism, and crime and justice, among others.  

Twenty pre-conference events from September 24-26 will lead into IODC 2018 on September 27-28. Many IDRC partners are participating and presenting at the pre-events and the conference itself, including: