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IDRC inaugurates its Middle East and North Africa Regional Office

March 3, 2019
Canada’s International Development Research Center (IDRC) officially inaugurated its Middle East and North Africa Regional Office in Amman, Jordan.  An opening reception was held on March 3, 2019 at the Landmark Hotel and Conference Center.
Foreign and Commonwealth Office

IDRC has supported development research in the region since 1974 and in Jordan since 1976, covering a wide variety of research such as reforestation, agriculture, water management, health, and employment.

Jordan Primary Health Care Director, Adnan Ishaq, joined IDRC Governor Shainoor Khoja, IDRC President Jean Lebel, and IDRC MENA Regional Director Barbara Shenstone in the inaugural reception.  

“It is an honour for IDRC to serve as an ally and to help facilitate evidence-based positive change in the lives of Jordanians and in the lives of people across the Middle East and North Africa,” said IDRC Governor Shainoor Khoja.  

“We are eager to learn how IDRC can help Jordan achieve national priorities through the research we support,” said IDRC President Jean Lebel.  He also discussed past and current programming in the region, as well as the strategic importance of having a regional office in Amman. “IDRC’s new regional office will strengthen our ability to access all parts of the region, confidently convene partners and guests, and work near other international organizations.” 

“Building on its history of partnership, a sustained, daily presence will help the centre to strengthen relationships and build local knowledge about context, priorities, and partners,” said Regional Director Barbara Shenstone. She added that details will soon be shared about IDRC’s office in Amman and its team.  

The reception was followed by a regional consultation and a two-day working conference. The consultation session brought together local government officials, donor and research organizations, civil society and the international community to discuss development themes in the region. Information from this session will inform the strategic choices that IDRC will consider as it develops its strategic plan Beyond 2020.