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India Emerging: The Reality Checks

Veena Jha
Academic Foundation, IDRC

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India Emerging: The Reality Checks supplies a modern approach to understanding the dichotomy between growth and development. This book examines three key areas: the high growth sectors of India’s economy, those sectors that have been bypassed in the growth process, and schemes and policies that will see the benefits of economic growth alleviate poverty. Suggesting various solutions to India's development problems and investigating issues such as philanthropy, the role of government programs, and migration, this work will be beneficial to development economists and policy experts.

The author

Veena Jha is the Director, Maguru Consultants Limited, U.K., and is currently working on issues related to trade, climate change, food security, effects of fiscal stimulus packages on employment, and inclusive growth issues. She was a Visiting Professorial Fellow at Warwick University, U.K., and a former Research Fellow at the International Development Research Centre. Jha has also worked for the United Nations and advisory boards in India and abroad for more than 20 years. India Emerging is her twelfth book.