Access to Information and Privacy

As a Crown corporation, IDRC is subject to Canada's laws on access to information and privacy protection. The following resources will help you learn more about IDRC and the access to information and privacy acts, including instructions for submitting an access to information or privacy act (ATIP) request.


The International Development Research Centre (IDRC) supports research in the developing regions of the world to promote growth and development.

We fulfill our obligations in implementing Canada’s laws on access to information and privacy protection.

The Access to Information Act (ATIA) and the Privacy Act came into effect on July 1, 1983. One of the responsibilities of the Legal and Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) Coordinator is to provide information to the public on access to information and privacy matters, on behalf of IDRC, in the official language of your choice.

The Access to Information Act gives Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and any individual or corporation present in Canada, the right to access  records under the control of IDRC, subject to limited and specific exceptions. It also provides for decisions on the disclosure of information to be reviewed independently.

The Act also specifies that it is intended to complement existing procedures for obtaining information and is not to limit in any way the type of information that is normally available to the public, thereby denoting the importance of informal access.

The Privacy Act provides every individual who is a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident with a right to

  • access their personal information held by IDRC
  • request corrections of personal information where the individual believes there is an error or omission therein
  • require that a notation be attached to the information reflecting any correction requested but not made. 

It also regulates how personal information under IDRC's control is managed, by providing protection against unauthorized disclosure of personal information and controls how IDRC will collect, use, store, disclose, and dispose of any personal information in the administration of its programs and activities.

Downloadable files

Personal Information Request form

Access to Information Request form