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Our experts share insights on the issues and approaches challenging the international development sector today — and the role of research in finding solutions.

African swine fever outbreak must galvanize vaccine efforts
There is no vaccine for African Swine Fever (ASF). So, when traditional containment efforts fail, triggering its spread across large swaths of Asia, the world should be very concerned.

 Dominique Charron   

Author(s): Dominique Charron


A targeted response to the learning crisis: the GPE Knowledge and Innovation Exchange
Significant progress is needed to improve education quality in developing countries.

 Alice Albright    Jean Lebel

Author(s): Alice Albright, Jean Lebel


When there are no records of women and girls: the ripple effect
Civil registration contributes to gender equality at all stages of a woman’s life.

 Irina Dincu    Nomthandazo Malambo

Author(s): Irina Dincu, Nomthandazo Malambo


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