Farmer in Kenya.
Voicing African concerns on key climate change issues
Learn moreVoicing African concerns on key climate change issues


Our experts share insights on the issues and approaches challenging the international development sector today — and the role of research in finding solutions.

For African artificial intelligence that is ethical, fair
Africa must take ownership of artificial intelligence to maximize its benefits and mitigate its risks.


Author(s): Jean Lebel


Nobel winners shine light on experiment-based policymaking
The 2019 Nobel Prize winners in Economic Sciences showed how evidence-based experiments can help improve the impact of international assistance.

 Arjan de Haan    Gillian Dowie

Author(s): Arjan de Haan, Gillian Dowie


Making the case for action on gender parity in science
Addressing gender disparities in science improves maternal and child health.

 Qamar Mahmood    Marie Renaud

Author(s): Qamar Mahmood, Marie Renaud


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